The George Williams Memorial Hall or Y.M.C.A Building

This was one of the finest building's ever to be built in Bridgwater in 1886 in honour of George Williams the founder of the Y.M.C.A.

Although the original site for the building was the site of the Mansion House but the Bridgwater Corporation would not sell the building saying the £800 offered for the building was not enough and the site of the Globe Hotel which was destroyed by fire was eventually chosen

The Ceremony of the laying of all six foundation stone's was on the Saturday 11th September 1886.

It was officially opened at 1pm on the 6th October 1887 by Mr William Creese.

It was closed in 1967 and then finally demolished in April 1968

The name of George Williams is known and honoured throughout the religious and philanthropic world, and in the 1800's was brought prominently before the Bridgwater public in connection with the Memorial Hall which was erected on the site formerly occupied by the “Globe Hotel” at the corner of Eastover and Salmon Parade and formed, when finally completed the headquarters of the Bridgwater young Men’s Christian Association.

Mr Williams was the founder of the parent Y.M.C.A. in London and contributions towards this memorial to his honour were invited from the various branches of this valuable institution in different parts of the world which now number about 3,000.

Bridgwater though not the birth-place of Mr. Williams was the place where he began both his business life and Christian life, and may be fairly looked as the starting point of his life-work.

Some slight sketch of Mr Williams’s connection with Bridgwater and the rise of the Y.M.C.A may therefore prove interesting to our readers, as showing the reason for the erection of a Williams’s memorial in our town.