There are over 50 Grade II buildings in Bridgwater which are of national importance and of special interest; 92% of all listed buildings are in this class and it is the most likely grade of listing for a home owner by the local council or organisation.


Albert St Canal Cutting
Angel Crescent
Binford Place
Blake Gardens
Blake Street
Bond Street
Brent House
Clare Street
Cook Memorial
Court House
Crown Mills
Dampiet Street
Docks Cottages
East Quay
Fore St
Friarn Lawn
Friarn St
Harbour Masters House
High Street
Holmes Buildings
King Square
Maldon House
Nat West Bank
Phone Box
Queen Street
Royal Clarence Hotel
Russell Place
Salmon Parade
Silver Street
St Mary St
Sydenham Manor
Toll Houses
Town Bridge
Town Hall
Weslyan Chapel
West Quay