Bridgwater has over 200 historic landmarks and listed buildings to be proud of with Grade 1 , Grade 2* and Grade 2 going back hundreds of years, from one of the earliest St Mary's Church dating back to 1200's to the latest designs in the 1900's

Grade 1 - St Mary Church

Grade 11* - Railway Station

Grade 11 - Library


Grade I buildings are of exceptional interest, sometimes considered to be internationally important; only 2.5% of listed buildings are Grade I

Grade II* buildings are particularly important buildings of more than special interest; 5.5% of listed buildings are Grade II*

Grade II buildings are nationally important and of special interest, 92% of all listed buildings are in this class.


Categories of Listed Buildings


A listed building, in the United Kingdom, is a building that has been placed on the Statutory List of Buildings of Special Architectural or Historic Interest. It is a widely used status, applied to around half a million buildings. The statutory body maintaining the list in England is English Heritage.

A listed building may not be demolished, extended, or altered without special permission from the local planning authority, which typically consults the relevant central government agency, particularly for significant alterations to the more notable listed buildings.


Exemption from secular listed building control is provided for some buildings in current use for worship, but only in cases where the relevant religious organization operates its own equivalent permissions procedure. Owners of listed buildings are, in some circumstances, compelled to repair and maintain them and can face criminal prosecution if they fail to do so or if they perform unauthorized alterations.

The listing procedure allows for buildings to be removed from the list if the listing is shown to be in error.
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