The notion of a 'memorial tablet' was first suggested in 1863 by MP William Ewart at the House of Commons.  Subsequently, commemorative plaques were erected across London.

The design was initially experimental but the blue appearance was approved in 1921.  Since 1986, English Heritage has managed the scheme in London.  

It is from this scheme that many other local  organizations have echoed the recognition of important heritage assets across the country.

The first plaque was place in Castle St in 1990 by the Civic Society

In 2006 the Civic Society affixed nine plaques to various buildings in Bridgwater in Phase One of its project to enhance the knowledge of the town's history.

In 2008 the Civic Society affixed twelve plaques to various buildings of Bridgwater in Phase 2. Not only are buildings commemorated in this phase, but also people and a long-standing firm of Ironmongers.

The project has been funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund.


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