This is a historic record of Bridgwater Public Houses that the town has seen over the centuries from some of the oldest like the Fountain Inn, White Lion & Green Dragon dating back hundreds of years to the more modern which are just a few years old like the Cornhill and Carnival Inn

Bridgwater was once said to have had more pubs per square mile than any other town of its size in the country.

But over the last few years like other towns it has seen a fast decline in the traditional pub as we know it, since 2010 the town has seen 7 pubs close and some demolished.


The records come from a number of sources including a book by David Williams, old newspaper archives and records that we have research ourselves over the past 15 or so years.

The photos also come from various sources, most of the photos in colour are from our own collection taken over the last 20 years, others from the 1950's come from a good friend Maurice Spender who has allowed us to use them, and various other sources.

This is an insight of the past and what is left of our original Public Houses


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